To honour you...

I get up every day and take a breath. 

And start another day without you in it. 


To honour you...

I laugh and love with those who knew your smile 

And the way your eyes twinkled with mischief and secret knowledge.


To honour you...

I take the time to appreciate everyone I love, 

I know now there is no guarantee of days or hours spent in their presence.


To honour you...

I listen to music you would have liked, 

And sing at the top of my lungs, with the windows rolled down


To honour you...

I take chances, say what I feel, hold nothing back, 

Risk making a fool of myself, dance every dance. 


You were my light, my heart, my gift of love, from the very highest source. 

So every day, I vow to make a difference, share a smile, live, laugh and love. 

Now I live for us both, so all I do, 

I do to honour you.

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