The open road was his life's song, A trucker with a heart so strong, He'd cross the land from coast to coast, With each mile, he'd get engrossed.

He loved the way the engine roared, As he carried his heavy load, He'd face the wind, the rain, the snow, And keep his rig on the go.

He'd watch the sunrise in the east, And chase the sunset in the west, He'd see the world in all its hues, And all the people he would amuse.

His rig was his second home, And every road, he'd freely roam, He'd have a story for every mile, And he'd always have a smile.

But now the road has called him back, And we know that he won't come back, He's taken his final rest, Leaving us with memories, the best.

He's on his last long journey now, On roads that we can't follow, And as we bid our last farewell, We know that he has gone to dwell.

In trucking heaven, he'll drive again, On perfect roads that never end, His spirit free, his heart so strong, A trucker's soul forever long.

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What a great poem

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