From the time I was conceived God had for me a plan
He wanted me to get involved to help my fellow man
I know some were against it but God knows what is best
Since the day He took me home I’ve had perfect rest
Heaven is so beautiful I’m walking streets of gold
Now I’m serving others including saints of old
I know some still have anger about the way I died
But God and I both have seen the many tears you’ve cried
He is a God of comfort whose love will never cease
Give your feelings to Him and He will give you peace
As difficult as it may be please don’t hold a grudge
Remember this my loved ones God alone will judge
Then on that resurrection day when all the dead will rise;
the Lord will reunite us together in the skies
So don’t give up my loved ones my memory is still alive
Put your trust in the Lord; I know you will survive!

By Joyce Atkinson

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