Today a soldier came home
not marching down the street
to waves and cheers
but in a box covered
with a flag of Red, White and Blue

the flags are at half staff
And the people line the road home
with bowed heads
and tears in their eyes
For a soldier came home today

As the hearse came to its final stop
His brothers in olive green gathered round
They gently lifted that flag draped box
and then carried him, and gently put him down

Mother, Father and family followed in
with tears flowing down
There was a silence, that screamed with pain
for all knew a great loss
for a soldier came home today

Why did he have to die,
the question rings out
He was so full young and full of life
There was so much he had to offer,
And yet he went to fight for what
he felt was right
always knowing full well
that he might be asked to make
that supreme sacrifice

He is home now and soon
He will lie with those other
Honored dead in that hallowed ground
Called Arlington
A soldier has come home today

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